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le camere

The Villa

At the heart of the lake

Come and enjoy a dreamy experience. Staying at the lovely Villa Evelina B&B means indulging in days of complete peace and quiet. An immersive experience in history within the unrivalled context of the splendid Lake Como.

Let yourself be lulled by a sight that fills the eyes and calms the mind.
Each room at Villa Evelina offers a spectacular panorama, where the blueness of the water and the green of the mountains become one.



Class, grace, comfort: the lovely rooms at Lovely B&B Villa Evelina bring out the surprising joy of meeting and sharing, immersed in the warmth of elegance.
A fairy tale in which we can all be protagonists.

The story of a collection

Each villa tells a story. This villa tells that of Canape Aimone, the historic owner of the house and a partisan who witnessed the capture of Mussolini.

Aimone’s incredible life is etched into the walls and into the collectables that are the custodians of his memories. Here, his adventures merge with a piece of Italian history.


The house has precious pieces of “Arte Povera” 18th-century Florentine lacquered furniture.


The study area is dominated by the white stove that is probably made of majolica ceramic with bronze parts.


On display in the dining room is a marvellous intact baroque mirror, coated with eye-catching enamel and gold.


On the first floor, there is a sculpture of a pope seated on the papal chair, which probably dates back to the Gothic era.


On a table in the living room, there are cherubs finished in gold and silver that display remarkable quality.


In the dining room adjacent to the kitchen there are bronze castings which complete the rich Fratino-style table.


Culture comes to life in the villa’s timeless atmosphere.
Immerse yourself in it and allow yourself an escape from the world


Come and experience the luxury of culture at our lovely B&B. History, refinement and attention to detail all offer you a unique and exclusive stay.
At Villa Evelina, the flavour of history meets the comfort of an environment that is designed to welcome.

A play of lights, antique furnishings, precious embroidery and even a tapestry on a window: details that make the rooms welcoming and unique.
Take in a dreamlike atmosphere, suspended in time, rich in spirituality and which never fails to give space for joy and simplicity.



Large windows overlooking the lake create an indelible link between the interior spaces and the majesty of the landscape. A perfect balance from which to rediscover the value of time.
A book to read on the sofa, a glass of wine to savour in the company of those you love: a return to the essentials.

Il Monte, il Lago, la Suite

Via Provinciale 5, 858 – 22010 – Stazzona CO